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100+ years of aggregated

experience in Oil & Gas


Scott Marshall – Resume

Scott Marshall 

Project Manager and Technical Analyst


Qualifications: has more than thirty-five years of experience in the oil and gas industry assisting professional scientists, engineers and managers. This assistance enabled them to better use their time in scientific pursuits. This experience includes:

  • Technical writing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Computer Programming and Design
  • Project tracking/management
  • Database Management & maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • 2D and 3D computer mapping/graphics
  • Material management/procurement
  • Data acquisition
  • Quality Control
  • Network Management and maintenance
  • Capital planning and budgeting
  • Petroleum Land Management
  • Financial Reporting/Analysis

Is quick to recognize problems and offer solutions. Was instrumental in developing and testing PHDWin in order to replace Ryder Scott’s legacy Cashflow program. At Noble Royalties and Endeavour International he developed corporate processes and procedures for integrating PHDWin into their respective business practices. At Range Resources (Tenneco Ventures) he designed an Aries database to replace a cumbersome spreadsheet budgeting and reserve reporting process. At American Exploration he initiated a project to streamline the AFE monitoring system. He also helped the company save over $100,000 per year on electrical bills. At BP I managed a project that resulted in saving the company $750,000 per year in data acquisition. At Phillips Petroleum He won two suggestion awards: one for eliminating unnecessary computer printouts and another for increasing the quality control of digitized data. His computer science experience includes:

   Software Packages       O&G Data Services
VISIO TECH MS SQL Server PHDWin Portfolio Decisions


Dates Company Position
11/06 – 03/09
Endeavour International
Sr. Technical Analyst/Business Development
06/05 – 10/06
Noble Royalties
Sr. Technical Analyst/Acquisitions & Divestitures
05/00 – 05/05
Ryder Scott Company
Engineering Technical Analyst
01/99 – 05/00
Production Access
Installation/Support Manager
08/95 – 12/98
Range Resources/Tenneco
Reserve & Budget / IS Coordinator
08/93 – 07/95
MD Seis Energy Ventures
Sr. Technical Analyst
11/92 – 08/93
Sr. Technical Analyst (consulting)
11/91 – 10/92
Nerco Oil & Gas company
Reserve & Budget / Sr. Technical Analyst
04/90 – 11/91
American Exploration
Engineering Technician
08/87 – 04/90
BP Exploration
Engineering Technician
08/86 – 07/87
Shell Western
Geological/Geophysical Draftsman
11/80 – 07/86
Phillips Petroleum
Geophysical Technician

Education: As an English/Geology major has accumulated 134 hours of college study. He received a scholarship to Stephen F. Austin State University. He was on the Honor Roll while attending there. His ACT College entrance score was in the national top ten percentile.

Foreign Languages: speaks, reads and writes Spanish very well (five years of academic study). Speaks Russian very well but reads and writes laboriously (has one semester of academic study yet worked in Siberia for two years).

General Oil and Gas Experience

Geographic Areas: his offshore experience includes assignments pertaining to the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Beaufort Sea and Pacific Ocean. He has onshore experience working in the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, Mid-continent, Permian Basin and West Coast. His International experience is restricted to those areas within the North Sea, former Soviet Union, Indonesia, Malaysia, Trinidad, Equatorial New Guinea, and Argentina.

Geological/Geophysical:   seven years of geological and geophysical experience includes:

  • Scouting
  • Petrophysics
  • Seismic processing
  • Seismic database management
  • Seismic modeling
  • Manual and computer-aided drafting and mapping.

Production Engineering:  fourteen years of production engineering experience includes:

  • Database management (drilling equipment, well bore histories and production data)
  • Intra-company production reporting (system design, development, and management)
  • Production allocation
  • Gas well proration and allowable management
  • Regulatory reporting (UK: DTI/dBERR/DECC, US: MMS, TX, LA, KS, OK, AK & NM.)
  • Waterflood monitoring & management
  • AFE & procedure preparation and review
  • Secondary and enhanced recovery analysis (Cyclic Steam fracs, paraffin inhibitors, pump design, Hydraulic fracs, polymer squeezes, CO2)
  • Warehouse supervisor and Truck Pusher
  • Oil Spill Response Plan Team Member (communications)

Reservoir Engineering:  : twenty-five years of reservoir engineering experience includes:

  • Field studies.
  • Database management (reserve management systems)
  • Secondary and tertiary recovery analysis and modeling
  • Reserve calculations (decline curve, material balance and/or volumetric)
  • PBU analysis
  • Economic evaluations and risk analysis

Property Divestitures and Acquisitions:  experience in this area includes:

  • Production analysis
  • Market Value Analysis
  • Reserve and Cash flow evaluations (NPV)
  • Development/exploitation potential evaluations
  • Sales brochure and data room preparation
  • Court Receivership asset management and liquidation
  • Auction Listings and associated data preparation

Financial & Administrative Functions: aspects of administrative duties include:

  • Material management
  • Accruals (capital, expense and production)
  • Nominations (pipeline and regulatory)
  • Tax research (liabilities)
  • Insurance activity reports
  • Reserve reconciliation
  • Project monitoring
  • Bond Ratings – Corporate modeling for various ratings tests
  • SEC Reporting (S1, 10q Ceiling Tests and 10k data preparation and editing)
  • London Stock Exchange (LSE) Reporting – limited to CPR preparations
  • Impairment Analysis
  • Budgeting and planning (variance analysis, current look, Qtrly, annual and five year)
  • Division Order verification
  • Title and Deed preparation and analysis