Rodessa Sour Gas Field reactivation feasibility study: Lee Morton and Robert Artzberger recently assisted in the evaluation of an inactive Rodessa sour gas field that required extensive capital investment in order to re-establish the field’s gas processing plant.

Overview an operator sought financing to perform necessary operations to reinstate production.  The potential lender requested that Robert and Lee estimate the field’s remaining recoverable reserves and determine an associated PV 10 value.  Major operations proposed by the operator included the installation of a downhole pump (ESP) in one well plus drilling a PUD within the field. As such Lee and Robert reviewed and evaluated a previous reserve report and gave opinion on same.

Lee’s detailed geological review included the investigation of existing subsurface and seismic structure maps. Additionally Isopach maps were constructed.  This entailed review of all logs and counting pay with a predetermined porosity cutoff.  A Ø d ≥6% x h (density porosity greater than or equal to 6% x thickness) map was constructed to help map and evaluate the reservoir.

These interpretations were integrated into the Robert’s engineering report which was compared to  the previous reserve report and provided the potential lender with information that assisted in his appraisal of the property.